Stella dress

Size XS
Straps Crush
Size chart

The Stella short dress, handmade in upcycled silk satin, offers elegant and timeless silhouette. The different straps Interchangeable beads allow you to adapt to all occasions.

Each piece is handmade to order in our atelier located on the French Riviera within two weeks. Our slow fashion approach helps avoid excess inventory.

Claire is 1m74 tall and wears a size XS.

100% upcycled silk satin from a haute couture house

Silk, an exceptional fabric par excellence, embodies elegance through a host of advantageous attributes as a material to wear. Its soft caress and incomparable comfort, combined with its ability to regulate body temperature, make it an essential choice suitable for all seasons. Its hypoallergenic nature, ideal for sensitive skin, combines with exceptional moisture absorption capacity to provide an unrivaled wearing experience. Silk also stands out for its durability, wrinkle resistance and lightness, making it an ideal canvas for the most sophisticated creations, whilst remaining incredibly versatile. In addition, its antimicrobial properties make it an exceptional material for preventing the growth of bacteria and mites. In summary, silk seamlessly combines comfort, style and longevity, making it a premium material popular for a wide range of clothing and accessories.

Hand wash or dry clean.

Caring for silk clothing requires special attention to preserve its beauty and durability. Opt for hand washing with cold or lukewarm water, using a mild detergent. Avoid rubbing or twisting while washing. Let the fabric soak gently, then rinse it thoroughly. When drying, do not wring the silk; place it between two towels to remove excess water, then lay it flat on a clean towel. Avoid exposure to direct sunlight. Ironing should be done at low temperature on the reverse side of the fabric, using a fine cloth to protect the silk or using a steamer. Be sure to treat stains immediately and avoid applying perfumes or chemicals directly to the silk. With this careful care, your silk clothes will maintain their elegance and timeless beauty.

Elegance, timelessness, sensuality and a hint of mystery...
Black refocuses, avoids energy loss, promotes organization, brings yin and protects from external negative emotions; this is one of the reasons why many creative and sensitive people wear them.